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LUCY MANUAL Applies to LUCY versions above 2.2.


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VPS Hosting & dedicated root server hosting with LUCY Security AG

Clients have the possibility to rent a VPS or dedicated physical server from LUCY Security AG. The servers are located in Europe by default, but can also be set up in any other country on request. In Switzerland, we work together with Hosttech. On an international level, we work together with Amazon AWS.

EU data center used by LUCY security

We operate our services together with the partner First-Root, who operates his ISO certified KPN Düsseldorf Datacenter. This facility was designed to meet the highest requirements and is built with the latest state of art technology like redundant uninterruptible power supply, 24 hours / 7 days access control and surveillance, antistatic raised floors and 100% eco power.

The own redundant Autonomous System (AS41108) ensures the fastest connection of your server and allows First Root to design the external connection as best as possible.

Currently, First Root has two powerful partners (carriers) that handle our traffic. For perfect connectivity within the European Union, we rely on KPN International, which operates its own high-performance network and provides over 100 Gbit / s capacity. Cogent Communications, one of the top 5 carriers in the world, is another partner from First Root for global connectivity and has a network of over 5,900 connected networks worldwide.

First Root uses redundant Mikrotik based Edge-Router to connect to the BGP Peers. The Core-Network is built around redundant Coure-Router from Juniper-Networks. With a total routing capacity of 1,28Tbit/s and 960 Mpps, they allow First Root to quickly react to additional bandwidth requirements without any downtime.

All Services are connected to Juniper Network TOR switches. With a total throughput of 136GB/s and 101Mpps, these switches are perfect for all kind of bandwidth requirements.

High Availability

Downtimes could always happen even with the best infrastructure concept. In addition to DDoS-Attacks, power failures or hacked customer servers there are various reasons that can lead to interrupted services. We have a very own interest in everything running normally and without problems, because a failure also means stress for us. You can be sure that we are monitoring our whole infrastructure 24/7 from different locations spread around the world. In case a server having a problem, you can be sure that our NOC has already been informed about it and is currently working on solving the issue.

Please keep in mind that our VPS are not designed for high availability. Therefore we guarantee a minimum availability of 99.9% per year. That means that your VPS can be unavailable for around 9 hours/year. In case of a longer downtime please get in touch with us for a refund.

Advantages of Using our VPS/Dedicated physical server

Depending on your infrastructure, there are advantages to choosing our VPS:

  • Sufficient bandwidth: Guaranteed 1 Gbyte
  • Public IP address outside your network range: Prevents your infrastructure from being blacklisted.
  • Dedicated full root access with optimized OS: We ensure the hardware and OS is optimized for best results.
  • DNS: We will create the necessary DNS entries to prevent SPAM (e.g. correct PTR).
  • Direct access: The server will not be blocked by any security products already in place.
  • Application checks: To ensure that LUCY works smoothly, we perform all the necessary tests (such as creating test campaigns, running performance tests, etc.).
  • Secured data center (more info)

VPS Basic: Technical Details

This is the VPS basic setup for $30 USD/month which enables you to run a campaign with up to 30,000 recipients in a 12h period. Request a quote for more performance solutions.

  • 6 CPU Cores
  • RAM 16 GB
  • DISK 600 GB SATA
  • SPEED: 1 Gbit
  • IPv4: 1 Public Address
  • Access: Full Root Access

VPS Dedicated Root Server: Technical Details

A dedicated root server is opposite to a VPS (virtual private server) not sharing the hardware with other clients. The dedicated root server has the best performance (up to 100'000 users) results and meets the highest security requirements. We work with two different main providers (but a server in other countries are possible as well).

  • Location Switzerland: USD 220 RENTAL FEE (ROOT Server located in Switzerland RAM: 12 GB DDR3, RAID 2 x 1 TB SATA, 6 Gb/s, 7200rpm, AMD Bulldozer FX 6300 6 x 3.5 GHz); Min 12 month
  • Location Germany: Same specs, but USD 110/month
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