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   * Click Save.    * Click Save. 
 +**MessageLabs or Symantec**
 +To add a global Approved Sender: ​
 +1.Select Services > Email Services > Anti-Spam.
 +2.Ensure that Global Settings is selected in the domains drop-down list.
 +3.Click the Approved Senders tab.
 +4.Click the Add Entry option.
 +5.The Domain/​Email/​IP and Description fields become editable.
 +6.In the Domain/​Email/​IP field enter the IP address of the LUCY server.
 +7.In the Description field, enter brief details about the new entry.
 +8.To add the entry to the list, click Update.
 +This new policy will allow any inbound mail flow originating from LUCY's IPs to reach your users.
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