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 ===== Price calculation ===== ===== Price calculation =====
-  * **Video ​Modifications:** A modification costs about around 100 USD per scene (depends on the complexity ​of the desired animation). If you only want to change the logo at the beginning ​and the end it will cost 200 USD. The creation ​of a customized new video of about 2 mins length with a voice over of your choice starts from USD 2’500 (includes voice & image/​animation design). +  * **Video ​White Label:** Removal ​of watermark, adding custom client ​logo at start and end of videoUSD 300 
-  * **Translation**:​ The translation (new voice over and translation of all video visuals) ​costs USD 350 per video+  * **Translation**:​ The translation (new voice over and translation of all video visuals) ​starts with USD 350 per video (depends on video lenght)
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