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 To start a "​hyperlink campaign"​ go through the following steps: To start a "​hyperlink campaign"​ go through the following steps:
-  * Press "+new campaign+  * Press "+New" ​-> "​Campaign Wizard"​. 
-  * Give your campaign a name, select a client and then select expert mode +{{ :​newcampwizard.png?​400 |}} 
-  * Add a new scenario to your campaign: choose ​a template ​from "Hyperlink Templates+  * Select Hyperlink Attack, click "​Next"​ button. 
-  * Edit and save the message template with your details +{{ :​hyperlink.png?​600 |}} 
-  * In the left navigation menu "general settings" ​please make sure you define ​the "redirect URL"​. ​After the user clicks ​on the link in the mail he will get redirected to this webpage+  * Give your campaign a name, select a client and then click "​Next"​. 
- +{{ :​name_client.png?​600 |}} 
-{{ hpr_bsd_1.png?600 }}+  * Select ​a template ​by hitting on "Select Language". Then click the "​Next"​ button. 
 +{{ :​selecttemplate.png?​600 |}} 
 +  * Fullfill ​the attack settings 
 +{{ :​attacksettings.png?​600 |}} 
 +  * Add recipients. It is possible to set a predefined group of recipients or to add them manually. As soon as defined, click on "Next" ​button. 
 +{{ :​recps.png?​600 |}} 
 +  * Review ​the summary of the campaign and click "Next" ​button if everything okYou can jump on any previous step by clicking on it in the list on the left side of the wizard window
 +{{ :​reviewhyperlink.png?​600 |}} 
 +  * Configuration is complete. You can start it right away or it is possible to click on "Go to campaign"​ to add more changes. 
 +{{ :finishwiz.png?​600 ​|}}
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