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 To start a "​hyperlink campaign"​ go through the following steps: To start a "​hyperlink campaign"​ go through the following steps:
-  * Press "+new campaign+  * Press "New Campaign"
-  * Give your campaign a nameselect a client and then select expert mode +{{ :​1hyperlink.png?​400 |}} 
-  * Add a new scenario to your campaign: choose a template from "Hyperlink ​Templates+  * Select Attack Simulationclick "​Next"​ button. 
-  * Edit and save the message template with your details +{{ :​2hyperlink.png?​600 |}} 
-  * In the left navigation menu "general settings" ​please make sure you define the "redirect URL". After the user clicks on the link in the mail he will get redirected ​to this webpage.+  * Select ​Hyperlink ​attack, click "Next" button. 
 +{{ :​3hyperlink.png?​600 |}} 
 +  * Name your Hyperlink campaign and choose a client, click "Next" ​button. 
 +{{ :​4hyperlink.png?​600 |}} 
 +If you mark "include training" ​and you want to set up an Awareness course - you can find information here [[awareness_e-learning_settings|Awareness (eLearning) Settings]]
-{{ hpr_bsd_1.png?600 }}+All information regarding advanced settings you can find here - [[expert_mode_campaign_creation|Expert set up]]. You can always set up these settings after creating a campaign.
 +  * Find the necessary template, which you think will be the best for your business. Select language and then press next. You can jump on any previous step by clicking on it in the list on the left side of the wizard window.
 +{{ :​7hyperlink.png?​600 |}}
 +  * Choose domain according to your system settings, Mark SSL Certificate if you have it and then fill Sender Name, Sender Email and Subject of your Email. These lines should be filled and look like a real mail.
 +{{ :​8hyperlink.png?​600 |}}
 +  * Add recipients in your campaign, you can add a group, if you add it before in recipients tab - [[add_mail_recipients|Here]] is more information regarding recipients or you can add manually. Click "​Next"​ button.
 +{{ :​9hyperlink.png?​600 |}}
 +  * Check all settings again, if everything good - click "​Next"​ button.
 +{{ :​10hyperlink.png?​600 |}}
 +  * Here you go! You can start your campaign right now or you can go to the campaign and set up other settings.
 +{{ :​11hyperlink.png?​600 |}}
 ===== Redirection in hyperlink based campaigns ===== ===== Redirection in hyperlink based campaigns =====
 Please consult [[redirecting_users|this]] article about different redirection options. Please consult [[redirecting_users|this]] article about different redirection options.
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