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   <video onplay="​lucyQuizAnswer(1,​1);">​   <video onplay="​lucyQuizAnswer(1,​1);">​
 +**Method 2: using the video tracking JavaScript**
 +Using our custom tracking JavaScript which can be downloaded {{::​|here}},​ allows you to track video'​s played in LUCY's "​flowplayer"​ which are used for all our video templates. The JS should be inserted into the bottom of the page where the flowplayer video is uploaded:
 +{{ video_tracking_new.png?​600 }}
 +This script allows you to track a video start and finish event and also display the progress in statistics (rounded percent in different event types like video-10 for 10% video played or video-90 for 90% video played, etc.). When the video is started, it sends a "​video-start"​ event. When the video is finished (played to the end), it sends a "​video-finish"​ event to LUCY which leads to statistics like in this graphic:
 +{{ video_stats_sample.png?​600 }}
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