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LUCY MANUAL Applies to LUCY versions above 4.7


Introduction: Exporting data into groups or files

Starting with LUCY 4.0 we added a navigation item called export within the campaign overview page. The menu that opens allows you to export any campaign related data:

You can either export ALL data that gets monitored in LUCY or only specific data:

Export into CSV

:!: Reports in the CSV format are generated using the separator specified in the Advanced Settings section. The default separator is a tabulation. Please consider this when opening CSV files - in some versions of Excel you may need to manually specify the type of separator when opening the file.

  • Export recipients to CSV (1): allows to export recipients to a CSV file (can be opened in excel) based on different criteria

  • Export benchmarks (4): This will export the main statistics (scenario name, number of messages_sent, mails_opened, clicks & succeeded) to a CSV. If you want to export ALL data, please use "Export recipients to CSV" and select "ALL".
  • Export collected data to CSV (5): export the data collected (any submitted data or file uploads from malware simulations) in the campaign to a CSV

Export into groups

  • Export recipients to groups (2): this feature allows you to create new groups. Once you click the export button LUCY will create a new group within the recipients navigation tab that contains the according users. Those groups can then be used for further specific campaigns
  • Export recipients within submitted time range to a new group (3): using this function you can export recipients in a new group using a specific time range

Alternative: Export via API

Beside manual exports, you can use also our API to fetch all data. More details here

Export Logins

All collected data can be exported. Go to statistics/collected data and then click "export:

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