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 More details here: http://​​ses/​latest/​DeveloperGuide/​limits.html More details here: http://​​ses/​latest/​DeveloperGuide/​limits.html
-Also, AWS doesn'​t ​support phishing simulations ​trougn ​SES as this is risky for their public IP to get blacklisted. ​If you need to send less than 200 mails per day, please use the [[scheduler|scheduler]] to delay the sending.+Also, AWS does not support phishing simulations ​through ​SES as this is risky for Amazon ​public IP to get blacklisted. ​To avoid the limit and send not more than 200 mails per day, please use the [[scheduler|Scheduler]] which helps to distribute ​the sending ​messages over a longer period of time.
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