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 The SSH Phishing Account password can be [[recover_your_root_password|displayed within the GUI]]. The SSH Phishing Account password can be [[recover_your_root_password|displayed within the GUI]].
-**Warning: don't change anything on the system** 
-Please note that any changes to the system (changing ​host file, modifying ​htaccess etc.) will most likely ​have an impact on the functionality of LUCY. We cannot ​give support ​to systems that have been altered.+===== Installing your own software ===== 
 +Warning: Do not change any system settings or install any additional software. ​Please note that changes to the system (change of host file, change of htaccess etc.) will most likely ​affect ​the functionality of LUCY. We cannot ​provide ​support ​for systems that have been modifiedIf you plan to install additional software, please make sure it wont create any conflicts with existing LUCY applications. You can ask our support if you are not sure (
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