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-Lucy allows you to send us log file in order to investigate possible issues with your campaign. If you want to get an overview of all possible log files in LUCY please visit this [[log_files_in_lucy|link]]. 
-====== Send Logs with LUCY < 2.7 ====== 
-Within the Settings (found under Settings/Settings) Menu you are able to send LUCY logs to us.  
-Those logs contain only technical data about your installation (mainly Apache logs). All possible confidential data is deleted (we don't collect any information about your campaign settings or the technical environment LUCY is setup). 
-====== Send Logs with LUCY > 2.7 ====== 
-You can send us the LUCY logs under the navigation tab "support/send logs". You have the ability to download them yourself and investigate them prior to sending them to us by clicking on the "download log" button.{{:view_logs.png?200|}} 
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