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If you change the admin port in LUCY from 443 to a custom port (in this example port 8081), you might find yourself in a situation that a security device (e.g. Firewall) is blocking access to that port. In order to turn the settings back to port 443 please do the following via SSH (port 22) or directly on the system:

Login via terminal and execute these commands:
cd /etc/apache2
nano ports.conf

comment two lines:
#Listen 8081
#NameVirtualHost *:8081

Save and exit
Press Ctrl+O+Enter and Ctrl+X to save&exit.

Change virtual host configuration
nano sites-available/phishing-ssl
edit the first line like to:
<VirtualHost *:443>

Save & Exit
Press Ctrl+O+Enter and Ctrl+X to save&exit.

Remove entries
rm sites-enabled/phishing-ssl-extra
rm sites-available/phishing-ssl-extra

Change IP-Tables
iptables -F LUCY_ADMIN
iptables -D INPUT -j LUCY_ADMIN
iptables -X LUCY_ADMIN
iptables -N LUCY_ADMIN
iptables -I INPUT -j LUCY_ADMIN

Update database

  • For Lucy 4.1 and older:
sudo -upostgres psql phishing
UPDATE system SET admin_port=null;
  • For Lucy 4.2 and newer:
sudo -u postgres psql phishing -c "UPDATE system SET value=null WHERE name='admin_port'"

Restart Apache
service apache2 restart

Try to login again

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