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Automated Backup

Starting from Lucy 4.6 has been added the ability to create and configure automatic backups. The administrator can configure automatic backups that are stored in local directory /opt/phishing/files/db-backups

The Automated Backup Settings is available under the Settings menu:

Automated Backup Settings

  • Backup Target

You can select which components of the system should be backed up. Click "Deselect All" to turn off the backup task:

  1. Database - creates an SQL dump of the whole Lucy database;
  2. Files - creates an archived copy of the folder “/opt/phishing/files” that contain campaigns data, templates and etc. (it is recommended to use with Database);
  3. Rainloop - creates an archived copy of settings and all folders of the Mail Manager;
  4. Config - creates an archived copy of Lucy's configuration files (web server, mail server and etc.);
  5. Code - creates an archived copy of Lucy's source code and executables.
  • Backup Frequency

The frequency of running the backup tasks can be set to various intervals:

  1. Daily
  2. Weekly
  3. Monthly
  4. Yearly

  • Backup Time

You can choose a convenient time to run the backup task. Depending on the components selected for backup, the task may take a long time, so we recommend that you schedule the time when the server load is minimal (usually at night).

  • Backup Days

Specify the days when the backup task should be run. Days of week or month: 1-7 for weekly, 1-31 for monthly. Days of the year: 1-12 (month numbers); 1-31 (days of the month) for yearly.

  • Example for weekly: 1,3,5,7
  • Example for monthly: 1, 15, 25
  • Example for yearly: 1,3,5,7;1,15

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