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LUCY MANUAL Applies to LUCY versions above 2.2.


A hyperlink based campaign will send users a mail with a randomized tracking URL within the mail. If users click that hyperlink they get redirected to an external webpage which needs to be defined within the campaign. As a result a hyperlink only campaign does not contain a webpage hosted on LUCY, it only contains a message template (mail or SMS) which a hyperlink.

To start a “hyperlink campaign” go through the following steps:

  • Press “+New” → “Campaign Wizard”.

  • Select Hyperlink Attack, click “Next” button.

  • Give your campaign a name, select a client and then click “Next”.

  • Select a template by hitting on “Select Language”. Then click the “Next” button.

  • Fullfill the attack settings

  • Add recipients. It is possible to set a predefined group of recipients or to add them manually. As soon as defined, click on “Next” button.

  • Review the summary of the campaign and click “Next” button if everything ok. You can jump on any previous step by clicking on it in the list on the left side of the wizard window.

  • Configuration is complete. You can start it right away or it is possible to click on “Go to campaign” to add more changes.

Please consult this article about different redirection options.

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