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LUCY MANUAL Applies to LUCY versions above 4.7


Delete all "deleted campaigns" from database

sudo -u postgres psql phishing delete from exports where campaign_id in (select id from campaigns where is_deleted=true); delete from campaigns where is_deleted=true;

Delete all scenario templates

sudo -u postgres psql phishing -c 'DELETE FROM scenario_templates WHERE NOT is_deleted'

Delete all Awareness template

sudo -u postgres psql phishing -c 'DELETE FROM awareness_templates WHERE NOT is_deleted'

Delete all file templates

sudo rm -rf /opt/phishing/files/scenario-templates/* sudo rm -rf /opt/phishing/files/awareness-templates/*

Delete all endusers

sudo -u postgres psql phishing UPDATE users SET is_deleted=true WHERE NOT is_deleted AND role_id=5; \q

Delete all LUCY users (not admin)

sudo -u postgres psql phishing -c 'UPDATE users SET is_deleted=TRUE where role_id=3'

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