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  • Where is LUCY storing and processing data? This information can be obtained by finding out where the data is being hosted. Lucy can be installed On-Site or on a cloud server. If installed on a cloud server, all data is stored on that specific server.
  • Where is data sent? It’s also important to remember that data can be moved around between an app’s different data centers. That depends on the feature used in LUCY. As you can see in this chapter, LUCY uses some connections to centralized servers (e.g. update server). But no personalized information that falls under GDPR ever gets transmitted.
  • Data processing agreement: Please visit this chapter
  • Protecting personal data: It is crucial for users to have good security measures in place to protect personal data against alteration, loss and unofficial processing. Lucy encrypts the data and offers many possibilities to secure access to the data. But this hardening must be done by the LUCY client.
  • Collecting personal data: In certain countries (e.g. Germany), you are not allowed to collect personalized data (e.g. who failed a phishing simulation and who did not pass a training). In such a case you need to enable anonymous mode in LUCY.
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