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LUCY MANUAL Applies to LUCY versions above 2.2.


How to track users watching an awareness video

Method 1: using the quiz checkbox

This method allows you only to verify, if the video was played. It does not allow tracking of the video lenght. Please use method 2 to track more details.

  • Mark the awareness template or website as “Quiz”

  • Make sure your awareness website (or template) has the quiz-question-titles.js static file with the following content: {“1”: “Video Played”}
  • Add “onload” attribute to body tag of HTML content, so you get the following:
<body onload="lucyQuizStart();">
  • Add “onplay” attribute to video tag of HTML, so you get the following:
<video onplay="lucyQuizAnswer(1,1);">

Method 2: using the video tracking JavaScript

Using our custom tracking JavaScript which can be downloaded here, allows you to track video's played in LUCY's “flowplayer” which are used for all our video templates. The JS should be inserted into the bottom of the page where the flowplayer video is uploaded (please dont forget to add the script tag <script> at the beginning of the script and </script> at the end of the script:

This script allows you to track a video start and finish event and also display the progress in statistics (rounded percent in different event types like video-10 for 10% video played or video-90 for 90% video played, etc.). When the video is started, it sends a “video-start” event. When the video is finished (played to the end), it sends a “video-finish” event to LUCY which leads to statistics like in this graphic:

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