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LUCY MANUAL Applies to LUCY versions above 4.7


Google Whitelisting

There are several options to solve the problem with "Deceptive site ahead" issue when the domain has been blacklisted by Google and to improve Phishing Simulation Experience.

First of all, there's a procedure of verification and proving that the blacklisted domain is your property. Go to: and press "Add property now" Enter the URL of the property that you'd like to verify. Recommended / Alternate methods would appear. Follow the instructions provided on each

Domain name provider

From the dropdown menu choose your domain provider.

Sign in to your domain name provider and add a TXT record as instructed:

HTML tag

Add a meta tag to your site's home page.

Google Analytics

Use your Google Analytics account. Asynchronous tracking code:

Google Tag Manager

Use your Google Tag Manager account. Container snippet:

HTML file upload

Upload an HTML file to your site.

This method should be used only in case the others did not resolve the issue with the blacklisted domain. In order to have a link for verification


your admin Lucy domain must be changed to the target one.

Warning! During the procedure there would be no access to the default Lucy's admin path (for example,

  • Connect to your Lucy server and use the setup script to change the domain configuration:
python /opt/phishing/current/tools/setup/
  • Choose 1. Current Configuration.
  • Make sure to save somewhere the default domain so it can be restored in further steps.
  • Choose 5. Domain Configuration.
  • Enter the domain you would like to whitelist.
  • Choose 8. Logout Setup Menu.
  • Put the provided html file into the directory

by pasting it or creating manually a full copy of the file.

  • At this point confirm successful upload by visiting the link in your browser.
  • And press Verify in the Google Search Console.
  • After receiving the success confirmation message the domain can be restored to the default one.

Manage Security Issues

Now the target domain should be added to your property list here:

Enter the target domain and press Continue. The notification should appear if the ownership was verified previously for the domain.

Here you can manage the issues with it, resolving security problems. Find the issue, request a review, and write a reason, that the site does not contain any harmful content. Please note, that the process might take a few days to finish. After it's finished the notification email should be received containing the result of a request.

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