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What happens after the license expires

Q: Is there an automatic renew of license?
A: No, to renew LUCY license please contact a Manager or email to

Q: What features exactly are available and what happens with data after it expires?
A: All of the features of community license will be available, More here. All of the data will be safe and some of its parts will become available as soon as license is activated again.

Q: What happens when the end of a license occurs?
A: Only community license features will become available.

Q: Does the software still work but fail to receive updates?
A: Yes, the LUCY phishing simulation tool will still be available. You'll be able to receive minor updates. Update to a next major version is not available.

Q: What will happen if I rent a cloud LUCY when my license expires?
A: Do not worry, we will not cancel the instance immediately. Most likely a Manager will contact you to have further discussion regarding the matter.

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