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There are two license types:

The Community Edition: The Community Edition is designed to increase security awareness and can run 5 campaigns with 100 users per campaign (max 500 users in total). The maximum amount of users per campaign is 100. But if you run a campaign with only 1 user, it also counts as 1 campaign. The counter doesn't reset if you delete a campaign after you have started it. The Community Edition has a few limits regarding the available features (e.g. no possible updates, very restricted Malware tests, etc.) and only limited support. The Community Edition will still help smaller companies conduct fully functional awareness campaigns. Bug fixes are not included in the security patches - only with the regular updates which are available for commercial clients. Available features:

  • Basic attack templates
  • Data entry attacks
  • Hyperlink & Multilingual libraries
  • Active and Passive vulnerability detection
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Realtime dashboard
  • SSL certificate support
  • etc.

The Commercial Edition: There are usually have no limits regarding the number of campaigns or the number of recipients. Also, any limitations regarding Malware attack simulations are lifted and all LUCY features are available. The commercial license also includes free Setup/Campaign support and additional services like custom awareness or scenario template creations, help/support during a campaign, etc. Here are some of the features which are only available in the Commercial Edition:

  • Raw Data Export
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Multiuser right assignment (view only clients)
  • Admin GUI customization (LOGO/Copyright)
  • E-Learning (interactive & static)
  • Interactive Tunneling Session Feature
  • Access to all malware simulations
  • LHCF: Assess your technical infrastructure & monitoring with our custom tools
  • Scheduling
  • Product & Template Updates
  • Advanced Support Features
  • etc.
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