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LUCY MANUAL Applies to LUCY versions above 4.7


Screener First Time Configuration script

The script does the initial Screener configuration. It automatically starts when the setup is done into a VM. Or it should be started during the docker type installation procedure.

However, it can be started independently for regular installations by:

bash /etc/

And for the Docker type of installation:

 docker exec -it screener /etc/ 


Automatic Setup

At the first start of the script, you can either let Screener do all the configuration (select “Y”) or you can manually configure Screener (select “No”). In case if you choose "Yes" Screener will do the complete setup and won't ask you for further input. Choose "Yes" only if you have DHCP (Dynamic IP Address) enabled. At the end of the automatic setup, you will be given a login and password which you will need to authenticate for the web GUI. In case if you forgot to write down the password, you can still go into the manual setup and create a new user and a new password.

Manual Setup

STEP 1: "Network Settings"
If you selected “No” in the first menu, you will be asked to configure the network settings (IP address). If you have a DHCP server just choose DHCP. Otherwise, configure your IP address manually. If you selected DHCP it can take a while until the settings are saved since LUCY will also test the connection.

  • Troubleshooting - DHCP fails: If the DHCP fails to obtain an IP address double check that you have enabled BRIDGED mode - especially if you have installed LUCY within a virtualized environment. Also, make sure that no Firewall is blocking access to the DHCP server on your HOST computer and no MAC restrictions are defined on your WLAN/LAN.

STEP 2: "Users"
At this stage, it is suggested to add a user or to modify an existing one. By default, there is a "user" created allready. It is possible to reset its password by chosing the "Modify User" option or adding a new one.

STEP 3: "Linux accounts"
As soon as the user is configured during the manual setup, Screener will generate Linux login data for 2 users, root and screener.

STEP 4: "Login data"
The first-time configuration script shows URL to log in and the Web Interface.

Start using Screener!

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