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If you start a campaign and notice that mails don't get delivered at all you can check in the message & error log of the campaign for any log entries that might indicate the nature of the problem. If you don't see any log entries there are a few possible reasons for this behavior:

  • Scheduling Issue: This might happen if you configured a scheduling rule that is either in the past or in the future. Make sure the time zone is also correct in order for this feature to work precisely.
  • No new recipients: If you press “START” for a campaign that has been started & stopped before (so mails already have been sent out once before), the mails won't be resent (only the webpage will be started and the links become available again). To resend the mails in such a scenario please use the “RESTART” button. Please check out this section for more info.
  • Mail delivery issues: check out this WIKI article if mails are not sent at all or this WIKI if some mails get through.
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