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Where to find the advanced settings

This navigation menu can be found here under "/settings/advanced settings"

What can you configure in the advanced settings?

In this navigation menu find the possibility to:

  • Save your time zone & time: Please make sure that you have set the correct time zone. This will allow you to get accurate results in your statistics. You should also run the scheduler with the right timing.
  • Proxy: Define & save the details of your own web proxy server (outgoing). This is important to receive updates.
  • Default Editor Type: Choose the default editor type between Code Mirror and Visual Editor.
  • Login policies: Protect your access to LUCY. See here.
  • Bruteforce protection: Use security image (CAPTCHA) for the login page to prevent bruteforce attack.
  • 2FA Key: Authy 2FA API key. Please create an account on for two-factor authentication.
  • Set Ajax Updating period: define , how often the client browser will refresh the page (e.g. every 5 seconds).
  • Export Data Separator: Select a delimeter to separate data in CSV.
  • Export Double Quotes: Enclose all fields in double quotes to export data.
  • Campaign Approval period: Supervisor must approve a campaign within this period, otherwise the launch will be rejected.
  • SPAM test: Define if you want to use the full blacklist (more than 200 URL's will be checked within the campaign which can take up to 20 minutes).
  • Recipients URLs: Check this to generate short recipient links (maximum 5 alphanumerical sequential characters).
  • Let's Encrypt Autorenew: Enable the checkbox, if you don't want the certificates in LUCY to expire.
  • Disable Campaign Check: Enable the checkbox, if you don't want LUCY to perform any campaign checks when you start a campaign.
  • Send Anonymous Benchmark Data: Enable the checkbox if you want to participate in sending anonymous benchmark data to our server.
  • Don't ask to send Anonymous Benchmark Data: Activate the checkbox if you want to disable messages asking if you want to send data.
  • Anonymous settings: Enable the checkbox, if you want to maintain the anonymity of the campaign results.
  • Use Password-less Login: Allow Users and Endusers to login the system via special links (to generate them please visit Settings→Users→SAML).
  • Anonymize Recipient Attributes: Hide the fields below in Anonymous Campaigns and Scenarios.
  • Use DLP Activation String: Add string which contains victims credits to the end of all email bodies sent by Lucy.
  • System Notification Email: Set the email to be shown for automatic system notification feedback.
  • Factory Reset: Delete all settings/data on your server (including log files). Please keep in mind also your domains will be deleted.
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