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Sometimes an update might require a reboot. You can initiate the reboot within the admin console:

Unfortunately the reboot feature in the web based GUI is not working for all updates. In that case you need to do a hard reboot of the system. This can be done:

  • Reboot within the setup script: if you have the setup script window open you can choose menu item nr 7 "reboot"
  • Reboot within your VMware/Virtual box/Amazon environment: you can initiate a hard reboot of the system within the admin gui of your virtualization software.
  • Reboot via SSH using the system user "phishing": LUCY has a SSH port where you can connect to. You can use the phishing user to connect to port 22. In case you don't remember the password you can reset it here. Once you are in the setup menu please choose menu item nr 7: reboot.
  • Reboot via SSH as root: If you have root access to the system you can sinply reboot it using the command "shutdown -r now".
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