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There are two was to recover or reset your root or phishing user password in case you did not write it down upon installation:

  • Reset it via web gui
  • Recover it from console

Reset your phishing user password via web gui

The phishing user is the one you need to start the setup script. Under settings you find a navigation item called "show ssh password". Here you are able to reset the password for the user phishing (please consult the technical background info for more details on those users). The new password will be displayed within the GUI.

Reset your root password via console

In case you don't have access to your root password you can still set a new root password using the following procedure:

1. Boot into grub (blue window after BIOS boot-up screen), select "single user" but DO NOT press enter.

2. Press "e" to go into edit mode.

3. Scroll down to the kernel line, it starts with "linux /boot/vmlinuz"…

4. Scroll to the end of that line and press space key once and type init=/bin/bash

5. Press Ctrl+X to boot

6. After a few moments, the workstation will boot up in recovery mode and you will see a command prompt. Type the following commands in there:

mount -rw -o remount / passwd

7. The last command will prompt you for the new root password. Enter some simple password (we will change it later to the secure one), enter password confirmation and then enter this command:


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