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The update page is not changing after I clicked on the update

Please refresh the update page manually if it does not refresh automatically

The update is not working

You have various possibilities to fix this:

  • 1) Re-boot the server and try updating again. Please do a hard reboot of the server if the reboot within the web gui has no effect.
  • 2) Re-fresh the webpage and push the update button again (sometimes there is a latency that causes the update to fail). We had reports that it needed up to 3-4 attempts where the user had to click the according update again.
  • 3) Fix possible virtual host configuration via SSH/console: Sometimes apache virtual host configuration files of old scenarios don't get deleted. So when you delete a company with many SSL-enabled scenarios, it's possible that /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/scenario-<SCENARIO ID>-ssl file will remain in there and checking apache configuration may fail (as the scenario doesn't exist yet, and its directories on disk are cleaned up as well). This configuration check is performed during the update, so if it fails, the update is rolled back to the previous version. Solution: find such configuration files and remove them, then try to update again. The error might be located in /opt/phishing/runtime/resque_worker.log file - somewhere between latest UpdateJob start and UpdateJob finish log entries.
  • 4) Update the repository list: We had reports that the update failed because LUCY was not using the latest repositories. You can login via root by entering the following command: "apt-get update". After entering this command please try to login again.
  • 5) Corrupt SSL files: You might have to check if there are any files which are corrupt and referencing to non-existent SSL. To do this login as root and execute the command "/usr/sbin/apachectl configtest". Such files should be deleted. Repeat the command to check if everything is fine after the deletion.

If you don't manage to fix the updating issue please enable remote support for us.

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