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  • In case you try to reach LUCY with a private domain name: Did you setup a host file with a server name that points to the IP where you have configured the initial setup script?
  • In case you try to reach LUCY with a public domain name: Did you point the correct domain name to LUCY's IP in your provider's DNS settings?
  • Are you using the correct IP address/port? You cannot reach a private IP address from the internet if you don’t have a public IP address. You need to create a free DynDNS or similar service account to be able to match the private IP address with a public reachable DNS name.
  • Make sure the firewall allows access to LUCY on Port 80/443.
  • Make sure you have a NAT rule with Port Forwarding defined on your firewall in case you access a LUCY server with a private IP from a public location.
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