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This feature allows your employees to print their own certificates of attendance and scores.


The diploma can be edited under Settings → Awareness Training Diploma:


Once configured, the users can use this template in their end user LMS page to create and print their custom certificates:


Awareness Training Diploma Variables

You may use the following variables in the template:

  • %name% — name of the person who receives the certificate
  • %awareness% — name of the awareness training
  • %gender("MALE ADDRESSING", "FEMALE ADDRESSING", "NO GENDER")% — recipient gender. The variable is not available for the use in preview mode, since the gender is determined per each recipient in the "Gender" attribute of the recipient in Recipient Groups.
  • %score% — score of the person (in the percentage value out of 100%)
  • %date% — date of the certificate
  • %time% — time of the certificate

Please note, that these variables are not available in CSS and Javascript files.

Alternative training certificate creation

Some of the awareness courses have a built-in feature that allows the user to create a training certificate directly within the course. Here is one of many examples in this template:


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