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Location of backups

All backups are written into the centralized backup directory on LUCY server. The backups can be accessed within the support menu (/support/backups):

Downloading a backup

You can download the according to backing by clicking on the backup date:

Backup a mail or web template

All Templates (Email, Web, Scenario & e-learning) can be saved or restored using the Backup/Restore function with the corresponding Menu item.

Example: Backup & Restore Scenario Templates

Note: please make sure that if you restore a template, that you don't change the naming convention of the archive nor extract any file before restoring it. A backup archive has a syntax like: "". That exact file should be shared between Lucy instances.

Backup your campaign

You can either backup your campaign or as well create an identical copy of an existing campaign with the backup/restore function (if you don't delete the original campaign and restore your campaign a copy will be created).

Example: Backup & Restore Campaigns

During a Campaign Backup the Following Data Is Saved:

  • Campaign Configuration (all settings)
  • Email Template
  • Landing Page Template
  • Awareness Site Template
  • Campaign Stats (from LUCY v. 2.8 on)


Copy a campaign

LUCY > 3.0 allows you to quickly copy a campaign using the copy button. To copy a campaign first select the checkbox of the campaign(s) that you want to copy and then click "copy". LUCY will create a 1:1 copy of your complete campaign and add a number next to the campaign name:

Create a new campaign based on a previous campaign template

Create a new campaign based on a previous campaign template: LUCY now allows an administrator to create a template based on a previous campaign. The template consists of all settings including all associated scenario and awareness templates. You can then start a new campaign, using this campaign template

You can create a new template by clicking "save as template" in the campaign summary page:

You find the campaign template on the campaign template settings page:

If you start a new campaign, you can then select one of your previously saved campaign templates. Please select "Start with Default Campaign Template" to get in the required menu:


Certain data is cross-referenced (e.g. recipient group name). So if you delete that group or copy that backup to a fresh LUCY install, make sure the exact same group name exists. Other data (e.g. your custom landing page, etc. is fully backed up in the ZIP file). The Backup/Restore only works without issues using the same version. You cannot restore campaign data from a lower version into a LUCY with a higher version. Therefore, you need to make sure that you first Update LUCY to the latest version before backing up your campaign data.

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