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Language Settings Sample

Setting Name Value
Thank You Message Thank you very much. The e-mail has been forwarded to your IT department for review. You will be contacted if necessary
Thank You Message For Your Software Name Emails Congratulations, you have correctly identified the e-mail as a phishing attempt! It was sent by the Security Team and is harmless
Button Message Report Phishing
Button Super Tip Use this button to forward suspicious e-mails to your IT department
Report Title Report a suspicious e-mail
Error Title Application error
User Request Message The selected e-mail will be forwarded to your IT department for review and removed from your inbox. Would you like to continue?
Deeper Analysis Request Message Have you clicked on a link or opened an attachment? If yes, leave a comment and confirm with "Yes"
No Selection Message Please select an e-mail
Eval Error Message An error has occurred while trying to evaluate the selected e-mail
Send Error Message An error has occurred while sending the report
Unsupported Message Unsupported Outlook element type (not an e-mail message)
Subject Suspicious e-mail forwarded by a user. %subject%
Ribbon Label Security
For "Yes" action Yes
For "No" action No
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