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  • Invalid CSRF token: this indicates that you access a page without a valid token. This might happen if your session has a timeout. To resolve this please refresh the page and log in again.
  • 403 - access denied: this error happens if you access a page where you are not authorized to view or the page does not exist anymore (e.g. if you delete some pages like log files and then try to access an outdated link).
  • Request failed: If you see this error it means that LUCY has a performance issue. Sometimes it happens if you run multiple processes within LUCY at the same time. Usually it does not affect your actions. But if this error keeps appearing at multiple points we suggest you verify that LUCY runs with sufficient hardware settings.
  • Connection to Redis failed: Redis typically holds the whole dataset in memory. If you see this error messages it indicates that the redis service is not running. This might happen after a system update that required a reboot. To resolve this please reboot LUCY from the console or via SSH (not via web gui).
  • 500 error: A 500 internal server error is a malfunction in LUCY. This error should never appear. Only if you just rebooted the server (or the server was rebooted based on an update) and you try to access the administrative frontend before all services are started it is normal that you see a 500 error message. In all other cases we recommend verifying if LUCY is updated with latest patches. If you applied all patches and still see this error we kindly ask you to contact us with the error detail and also a detailed description of all the steps you did before this error occurred.
  • CDbException: This is the exception that Yii will throw when something has gone wrong with a database operation. It might be caused by a temporary issue (e.g. performance). If refreshing the page does not help we kindly ask you to verify if you have applied the latest patches & rebooted the system. If the problem remains please contact us with a detailed description of all the steps you did before this error occurred.
  • Server API Error 400: This error may appear in the error log within a campaign that is using SMS as a communication method. It indicates, that the message could not be send. This might be caused by using a wrong sender Format (if you use a Name instead of a phone number as a sender)
  • CException Property "System.workstation_key" is not defined.: This error may appear after the updating to Lucy 4.x. System restart & clear browser cache should help.
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