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Troubleshooting: I pushed the "Update" button but the page keeps saying "Updating" without changing.

Sometime the page does not refresh after an update automatically. If an update is still in progress after 10 minutes, please refresh the page manually.

Troubleshooting: I know there is a new hotfix (like 2.5.3) but I don't see any new updates.

It can take up to 5 minutes after an update to compile the new updated list from the centralized update server. Please come back in a few minutes and refresh the Update site to see if there are any further updates available.

Troubleshooting: I don't see any updates.

  • If you have a community edition, you will only be able to install hotfixes, but no updates.
  • If you have a commercial edition, you need a working license + a working internet connection (http/https) in order to see the latest updates.
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