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LUCY MANUAL Applies to LUCY versions above 2.2.


Creating an awareness campaign without a phishing simulation

LUCY allows you to give users access to elearning, without any attack simulation:

  1. Using the awareness only template
  2. Using the group mappings

Awareness only template

In LUCY > 3.0 you have under scenario templates a default template called awareness only:

This default template can be added within a scenario (only available within the expert setup mode):

It will allows you to select and configure a specific awareness template which you can associate with your campaign:

Note: please consult this page to understand how to create & edit an existing interactive eLearning template.

Group mappings

When you create a campaign and associate a group to it, you will see a dropdown menu that allows you do map the group with the according campaign type. You have 3 options:

  • Awareness only
  • Attack only
  • Attack & Awareness

If you add a group and choose the mapping "awareness", then the users from this group will only get the mail with the awareness content delivered:

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