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LUCY MANUAL Applies to LUCY versions above 2.2.


End User e-learning portal

Users might not have time to finish an awareness course right away. They have the ability to re-schedule the training (see this WIKI). But you have also the ability to create a login page for your end users where they can login and access their custom training links at any time, without the need to re-send an awareness mail.

Where to enable the e-learning end user portal?

The portal can be enabled under “Base Settings” within the campaign page:

How are the awareness users created?

LUCY automatically creates the end user login profiles for each user, that is marked to receive an awareness training within a campaign (phishing or awareness only campaign).

Where can a user login to e-learning portal?

The login is always created under the directory /user/ on your server. So if your server address is, the end user e-learning portal login will be under

How are the login credentials submitted to the user?

With the first training email sent out, the user will receive a text attachement (in case the end user training portal is enabled) that contains the link to the training portal and a password

What can the user do on the e-learning end user portal page?

After the login, the user can:

  • change his password
  • view his training history
  • view his training score
  • compare his score with others
  • create training certificates
  • access his reputation profile
  • access the custom training link (the training name is highlighted and can be accessed via browser)


Known Issues

In LUCY < 4.2 end users cannot be mass selected/deleted. In order to delete them all, you need to issue the following command via shell:

cd /tmp
sudo -u postgres psql phishing -c 'UPDATE users SET is_deleted=TRUE where role_id=5'

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