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Gmail Plugin & Deployment

This is a dedicated article for the Gmail Report Plugin.
It's supported only by the Gmail environment.

The Gmail Report Plugin works similar to the Outlook Plugin but is used only within the Gmail client.
The set of supported features are listed in the comparison table in the main article.

  1. Download Gmail plugin archive from Lucy
  2. Unzip the archive, there should be 2 files, "code.js" and "appscript.json".
  3. Go to → New Project
  4. A new tab will open, copy, and paste the content of code.js → Press the Save button.
  5. Switch to Legacy Editor and navigate to View → Show manifest file
  6. appscript.json should open in the editor.
  7. Copy and paste the content of the appscript.json from the downloaded file → Press the Save button.
  8. Publish → Deploy from manifest → Install this add-on

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