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HSM Database encryption

From LUCY 4.6 and newer it is possible to configure HSM encryption. It is not available with Automatic Configuration

LUCY uses the online HSM, currently it support only Enigma Bridge1) HSM provider. If you want to have HSM encryption, please contact them to obtain necessary data, such as:

  • Registration Server Adress
  • Encryption Server Adress
  • Auth Token

As soon as you have data above, you can proceed with the HSM configuration within LUCY.

If you want to configure HSM DB encryption, please press "N" when the setup script will ask about Automatic configuration.

As soon as "N" is pressed, you should see HSM configuration step 1 of 7:

Press 1 if you want to enable HSM.

Step 2 offers 8 different options:

1 - Change Registration Server Use this option to change the Registration Server
2 - Change Encryption Server Use this option to change Encryption Server
3 - Setup Auth token Use this option to change Auth Token
4 - Set Instance name Use this option to configure, how LUCY will present itself contacting HSM server
5 - Test connection Use this to test the connection
6 - Restore Default Use this to Restore Default settings. 2)
7 - Cancel Setup Use this to Cancel HSM Setup
8 - Continue Use this to save HSM configuration. 3)

As soon as HSM configuration is complete, the Setup Script will suggest you configure the rest of the system.

Preconfigured data that you can observe in the HSM configuration module is there as an example.
The option appears only when the configuration is complete and the test is passed
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