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LUCY MANUAL Applies to LUCY versions above 2.2.


Risk Assessment

Instead of showing only raw data about how many users have been successfully phished, we can additionally provide a risk assessment methodology in LUCY, that shows the exposure to certain threats. We can classify different types of threats/Likelihoods such as

  • Technical threats (e.g. unsecured windows PC, unsecure browser etc.),
  • Internal threat (e.g. uneducated user who clicks on certain content) and
  • Externals threats through hackers (latest trends in attacks, e.g. exploiting a specific browser vulnerability).

In LUCY 4.0 we implemented only a part of the 2nd analysis step and in the coming releases, this feature will be improved.

Using the risk assessment in LUCY

Select a new campaign and choose “risk assessment”:

Select your company size and industry type. Then you will be presented a recommended set of attack templates:

Please try to use a variation of different attack types (hyperlink, web based & file based) to get a better understanding, how your employees react to different threats. You will find the risk specific threats within the campaign statistics under “risk assessment”.

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