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LUCY "Success Action" defines what you consider as a successful attack. Some clients consider a link click as a risk - others only if a file gets downloaded and executed. This information is also used to trigger the e-learning content (e.g. send a mail with a link to the awareness template). There are five options:

Status Name Background Info Note
Click A link click refers to the hyperlink in the message template. The link click in the mail will be considered as a success
Data submit if data from a form submitted is triggered it will be considered as a success. Make sure the form action is set to LUCY like <form action="" id="form">
File download An attack is considered successful if a file from the landing page got downloaded. This requires that the link to the file has the track variable set like file.pdf?track
File data received An attack is considered successful if a file got executed. This can be the word macro or any other file-based malware simulation
File open An attack is considered successful if a file got executed. A recipient gets succeeded upon execution of a Word or Excel macros while Success Action is set to File Open.

Why are not all the success actions always available in certain scenario types?

The success action cannot be set in the same way for all scenario types. There are scenario types where a specific success action does not make sense. For example: in a hyperlink-based scenario the user gets a mail with a link. But there is no landing page attached to that link. So the only possible success action will be “link click”. As also the other success actions cannot be applied (e.g. file download or data submit) those input fields will not appear within the campaign settings.

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