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In-product purchase

LUCY offers In-App Purchase options. Download the community edition and simply navigate to support/license and purchase the product. This will activate the license key and no further software or license keys need to be downloaded.

Mail Order

As an alternative you can place an order using this order form via email that contains the following information:

  • Type of License (variable vs. fix priced license)
  • Your Company Details
  • Preferred payment method (PayPal, Wire Transfer)
  • Optional Modules (VPS rent)

Web Shop

You can buy LUCY in our shop located here:

Next Steps after purchasing

If you purchased the software via mail, order form or the webshop, we kindly ask you to download the latest LUCY version from our homepage ( Once you downloaded and installed LUCY, you can mail us your workstation ID ( We will then create a license on a centralized server for you. As a last step you can fetch the license file by clicking "check for updates" within the support navigation menu.

add credits | top up balance

You can add credits to perform smishing attacks or buy licenses through the LUCY API by clicking the "add" button under support/license:

Payment Terms

Payment can be done via wire transfer or Paypal within a 30 days period

End of License Period / Renewal of License

The license does not get renewed automatically. It will terminate after the purchased period (1-3 years) without notification. After the license expires, LUCY will automatically become a community edition. All data and functions will still be accessible, but you won't be able to send more message with LUCY.

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